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Why Do We Celebrate Ram Navami?

Apr 11th, 2019 | 1 Min Read

Category: Vedic Tales


Language: English

The beloved Bhagavan Ram, born to King Dashrath and Mother Kaushalya of the Suryavansh dynasty during the Treta Yug, is the eldest of four brothers. The sun shone brightly on the day of his birth, welcoming the new heir into this world. Even today, we celebrate the festival of Ram Navami with warmth and joy and welcome him into our homes and hearts. 

The beautiful and inspiring life story of Bhagavan Ram is captured in the historic epic Ramayan by the great Sage Valmiki. Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas is the most outstanding and popular among the various versions and retellings of the epic saga. 
Sage Valmiki declares, "There is no one in the world who is not a surrendered devotee of Ram."
लोके नहिं सविद्येत योन राम मनुव्रत
loke nahiṁ savidyet yon rām manuvrat

Reflecting on Sage Valmiki's words, Saint Tulsidas asks, 
"Which soul in this world is there for whom Bhagavan Ram is not dearer than their own life?" 
अस को जीव जंतु जग माहीं। जेहि रघुनाथ प्रानप्रिय नाहीं।।

These statements from great Indian saints increase our curiosity to understand the entity called 'Ram.' Our Vedic scriptures explain that 'Ram' comprises two letters: 'Rā' and 'ma.' 'Rā' refers to the entire world, and 'ma' refers to its lord or master. In other words, 'Ram' is the master of the whole world. According to the Vedas, Bhagavan Ram is an ocean of bliss. He is the Creator of the world, the one within whom this world is situated, and the one within whom this world will dissolve during dissolution (māhāpralaya). 

He is also an ocean of bliss; we souls are tiny parts of that ocean of bliss. For endless past lifetimes, we have been longing for happiness. To attain the happiness that our soul seeks, we must understand the entity that the scriptures describe as an ocean of bliss. Once we believe that our happiness lies in Him, we will move forward in that direction with love and devotion.