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JKYog India's winter cloth Initiative for village Children

Nov 10th, 2018
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Category: Philanthropy


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As the winter season approached, JKC took up a heartwarming initiative to provide sweaters to the children of Banara village, ensuring their safety and warmth during the chilly weather. The distribution took place on November 8, 2018. This kind of act builds on a history of support that has significantly improved the living standards of the villagers. The support includes distributing school bags, winter clothing, utensils, and more.
The benevolent effort is motivated by the harsh reality of daily wage workers in small Indian villages who earn an average of ₹400 per day. With this modest income, they must juggle the expenses of everyday essentials like groceries, vegetables, clothing, children's education, and healthcare. Unfortunately, this income falls far short of meeting their fundamental food, health, and clothing needs, leaving them unable to afford the luxury of warm winter wear.
The villagers face further compounded challenges due to preventable health issues, such as common colds and fevers, which often afflict them because of their inadequate means to purchase necessary winter clothing.
JKYog India is committed to providing support and uplifting society from its social and economic inadequacies.