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Winter Sadhana Shivir 2017 at JKYog India Ashram in Odisha

Dec 22nd, 2019 | 1 Min Read
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The JKYog India Head Quarter in Banara, Odisha hosted the Annual Winter Sadhana Shibir from December 16th to 19th, 2017. Around 700 devotees from different parts of India and the US attended the event and gathered to express their devotion to Radha Krishna through various activities.

The shivir was a harmonious blend of profound spiritual moments and joyful festivities. Attendees participated in soul-stirring kirtans, which filled the air with divine grace and created an atmosphere of inner peace. At the commencement of the shivir, Swamiji encouraged everyone to maintain silence, recognizing that introspection would foster profound spiritual growth. Devotees wholeheartedly embraced this suggestion, and its implementation yielded significant results.

The program featured the customary high-energy parikrama around the campus gardens, which infused the event with enthusiasm and devotion. A highlight of the shivir was Swamiji's enlightening lectures on Narad Bhakti Darshan, where he focused on the theme of devotion as expressed in these verses. Naradji illustrated the exemplary devotion of the gopis of Braj and set them as role models for all devotees. Swamiji said he intended to continue this series for shivirs throughout India during this season.

The Mehfil session provided devotees with a platform to showcase their talents in service to Radha Krishna. The diversity of talent was remarkable, with children as young as ten taking the stage alongside a group of men performing a kavvali.

Devotees danced joyfully to melodious kirtans on the evening before the shivir concluded, pouring their hearts into their devotion to Radha Krishna. The shivir also celebrated Swamiji's birthday grandly, with devotees coming together to honor their spiritual leader in unity and splendour.

To see highlights from this uplifting shivir, click [here](insert link). The Annual Winter Sadhana Shibir at the Banara Ashram was an unforgettable spiritual experience where devotion and joy intertwined, leaving all participants with cherished memories of their time spent in the divine presence of Radha Krishna.