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The Profound Benefits of Mental Purity: Pathway to Serenity and Self-Realisation

Jul 5th, 2024 | 2 Min Read
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सत्त्वशुद्धिसौमनस्यैकाग्र्येन्द्रियजयात्मदर्शनयोग्यत्वानि च ।।
sattvaśuddhi-saumanasyaikāgryendriya-jayātma-darśana-yogyatvāni ca ।।2.41।।
Translation: The benefits of mental purity are purity in the consciousness of serenity, cheerfulness, single-mindedness, victory over the sense organs, and the ability to witness the Self.

The benefits of mental purity are numerous and profound, contributing significantly to one's overall well-being and spiritual growth. The primary benefits of mental purity include:
  1. Helps sharpen the sattvic nature: Mental purity enhances an individual's sattvic (pure and harmonious) qualities, leading to a balanced and virtuous life.
  2. Fearlessness and cheerfulness: A pure mind is free from fear and filled with genuine cheerfulness, promoting a positive outlook on life.
  3. Enhances the power of concentration: A pure mind minimises distractions, significantly enhancing one's ability to concentrate and focus on tasks.
  4. Helps conquer senses: Mental purity aids in gaining control over the senses, preventing them from dictating one's actions and leading to a more disciplined life.
  5. Self-realisation: Ultimately, mental purity paves the way for self-realisation, allowing one to understand their true nature and connect with the divine.
We should seek mental purity because thoughts are precursors to actions. Right actions require the right thoughts. Pure and positive thoughts lead to constructive actions, shaping a life of integrity and fulfilment.

The Two Levels of Thought

Thoughts operate on two levels:
  1. Higher Level: At this level, thoughts are serene and peaceful. These thoughts elevate an individual, leading to inner peace and spiritual progress.
  2. Lower Level: Lower-level thoughts drag a person towards worldly objects, resulting in momentary happiness and subsequent misery.
Man dwelling on sense objects develops attachment for them; from attachment springs up desire, and from desire (when unfulfilled) arises anger. From anger arises infatuation; from infatuation, confusion in the mind; from confusion, loss of reason; and from loss of reason, one goes to complete ruin. Therefore, uncontrolled thoughts lead to ruin.

It is not the mind alone which is difficult to control. All the sense organs, being turbulent by nature, carry away the mind. The senses are superior to the gross body and superior to the senses is the mind. Beyond the mind is the intellect, and even beyond the intellect is the soul.

Ātmadarśana: Witness Consciousness

The present aphorism refers to ātmadarśana because ātman is the highest level of consciousness. The term ātmadarśana can be interpreted as "witness consciousness." Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or pure consciousness.

Let us try to meditate on the Supreme Divinity and endeavour to purify our minds. This helps us lead a serene, cheerful, and happy life.

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