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Testimonial- Swami Mukundananda's from Kolkata event

Dec 10th, 2023 | 2 Min Read
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With utmost reverence and deep affection for my beloved Swami ji, I am now going to elucidate what I have experienced in the five days of Life Transformation Program that has been held in Kolkata organized by JKYog organization. At the inception of the month of December when the city has already started submerging under the canopy of winter fog and equanimity, it was a boon from the Supreme Divine that I have come across the news of Swami ji coming to Kolkata and that’s too in my vicinity.

Being a steadfast disciple, I have encompassed my heart with a lot of exuberance and devotion just before entering the venue on the first day of the “Satsang”. The very first glimpse of my honorable “Guru “ after He entered Nazrul Manch, drenched in the colour of holy Ochre will remain vivacious in my remembrance forever. While listening to His divine sermons sitting in front of Swami Ji have elevated my inner impetus to engross my mind into the ocean of His humongous wisdom followed by adorning my inner self as per His universal dictum. Moreover, the “Kirtan” that Swami ji designed in the interim of His preaching has been an embodiment of modern energy drink in a Spiritual form. Furthermore, Swami Ji’s  early morning procession of sacred hymns along with His ardent devotees have turned out to be the par excellence portion of the “ Satsang .” Our Venerable Swami Ji has indoctrinated us with His pure knowledge and answered all our questions in a very simplistic and lucid manner during the morning walk session at Ravindra Sarobar.

On the second day, we all have got the opportunity to educate us regarding “ Roop – Dhyan – Meditation” which is a very potent phenomenon to realize God and strengthen our consciousness. The aftermath of which has let us experience pure bliss and calmness into our brain. The rest three days have been like a festival of Spirituality and Devotional melodies where we all have become “pluviophile” after experiencing the seraphic torrential rain of Swami Ji’s benedictions, that include “ Bhakti , Santi and Samriddhi .”

To conclude, the entire program has been the actual smorgasbord of Spiritual Awakening, Mind Management and Cultivation of Knowledge where Swami Ji being the sole trailblazer has illumined the trajectory of our life so that we could reach the ocean of nectar where God is waiting for us to confer eternal Salvation.

Debomit Chakraborty
Kolkata, India