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Swami Mukundananda in Microsoft Bengaluru Headquarter

Jan 26th, 2024 | 1 Min Read
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Swami Mukundananda delivered an engaging "Finding True Happiness" talk at some of the world's leading tech giants. This time, Swamiji's discourse took a scientific approach, exploring the intricate workings of hormones within our bodies and the fascinating neuroscience that governs our minds in the real world.

The discourse at Microsoft Bengaluru Headquarters profoundly impacted all the attendees, drawing them closer to their inner essence and prompting deep contemplation on often overlooked aspects of life. Swamiji reiterated timeless concepts he had been sharing across India throughout the past year, each enriched with new examples and methods while preserving the essence of his teachings.

Over 500 individuals attended the event, including virtual participants, and it allowed everyone to open the floodgates of their doubts and questions. With his characteristic precision, Swamiji provided clear-cut answers, guiding attendees through thought-provoking discussions on higher consciousness and the pursuit of true happiness.

These enlightening events will spark further conversations and contemplation within India's Silicon Valley tech parks. Swami Mukundananda's ability to blend ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding offers a unique perspective that resonates deeply with individuals seeking fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

As Swamiji continues to share his insights across various platforms, his message of inner peace, fulfilment, and the science of happiness will undoubtedly profoundly impact all who can engage with his teachings.