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Krishna and the Serpent Kaliya: Tale of Triumph and Transformation

Aug 7th, 2020 | 2 Min Read
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Category: Vedic Tales


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In our childhood, the mere thought of encountering a snake, even in our dreams, sends shivers down our spines. But imagine a young Krishna, known for his fearless nature, taking on a hundred-hooded venomous serpent named Kaliya in the enchanting realm of Vrindavan.

Kaliya has made his home in a serene lake within the deep, sweet waters of the Yamuna River, poisoning the once-thriving ecosystem. The birds, trees, and animals that once flourished there withered away under his toxic influence.

One fateful day, Krishna's friends venture to the Yamuna's edge while searching for their beloved cows. Thirsty from their journey, they unwittingly drink from the poisoned lake and fall unconscious. Krishna, noticing the absence of his companions, embarks on a frantic search and finds them by the water's edge. With his divine grace, he revives his fallen friends.

Upon inspecting the treacherous waters, Krishna spots the slumbering serpent, Kaliya. Determined to teach the snake a lesson, Krishna fearlessly plunges into the lake under the watchful gaze of his friends.
As the extraordinary showdown unfolds, Krishna allows Kaliya to coil around him. In a desperate attempt to crush Krishna, the serpent soon finds himself losing his grip as Krishna expands his form. Kaliya, seething with rage, unleashes his deadly venom and raises his hood in a menacing display. Undeterred, Krishna bends the colossal serpent's head and leaps onto its hood.
A mesmerising dance of Krishna follows, leaping from one hood to another, evading Kaliya's fangs, and bringing each raised hood crashing down. The friends of Krishna, watching from the riverbank, marvel at the fearless spectacle unfolding before them. Even the celestial deities rain down flowers upon Krishna from the heavens.

The malevolent Kaliya, humbled and defeated, begs for forgiveness from the Lord. Krishna, in his boundless mercy, grants Kaliya a chance at redemption. He instructs the serpent to leave for the sea immediately.
Since that transformative encounter, the waters of the Yamuna have been cleansed of Kaliya's malevolence, once again flowing as sweet and pure as nectar.

The captivating tale of Krishna's fearless dance with the serpent Kaliya is a story of triumph, transformation, and the power of divine compassion. Explore the divine leelas of Lord Krishna and the remarkable tale of his victory over Kaliya.

Takeaways from Krishna's tale of Kaliya Mardan

  1. Divine Strategy Unveiled: Explore how God's divine wisdom allows malevolent intentions to unfurl, akin to Krishna's calculated approach with the serpent Kaliya, offering a unique perspective on the clash between good and evil.
  2. Krishna's Compassion Unveiled: Discover the profound mercy of Lord Krishna, which manifests when the pride of the wrongdoer is utterly shattered, paving the way for humility to blossom.
  3. A Blessed Consequence: Delve into the symbolism of Kaliya's great fortune as the Lord's lotus feet grace the serpent's hoods, offering a profound lesson in divine intervention and transformation.