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Harmony Through Spirituality: Swami Mukundananda's Enlightening Address at the Global Spirituality Mahotsav

Mar 17th, 2024
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At the Global Spirituality Mahotsav in Hyderabad, Swami Mukundananda delivered a compelling address to a large audience, including esteemed interfaith leaders. The Ministry of Culture organised the event in collaboration with the Heartfulness Institute. As a global spiritual leader, Vedic scholar, and Bhakti Saint, Swami Mukundananda emphasises the significance of knowing God and attaining inner peace.

During the event, Swamiji highlighted that purification of the mind is a prerequisite for true peace, which can only be achieved through attachment to God. This attachment dispels inner ignorance and liberates individuals from disharmonious emotions such as anger, envy, and greed. He also emphasised the importance of individual contributions to global harmony, stating that world peace can only be achieved when every individual cultivates inner peace.

Swami Mukundananda praised India's spiritual heritage and its potential role as a global thought leader, attributing its rapid economic progress to spiritual contributions. He also commended the Government of India for organising such an important event, which served as a platform for fostering spiritual understanding and promoting peace on a global scale. Swami Mukundananda's speech preceded the session by the Honorable President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu, President of India, alongside other world-renowned spiritual leaders