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Gita Gyan Yagya in Patna by Swami Mukundananda

Feb 17th, 2024 | 2 Min Read
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The Grand Spiritual event "Gita Gyan Yagya" commenced on 10th February 2024 till 14th February 2024, in Patna, Bihar, under the guidance of Swami Mukundananda. Over these five days, Swamiji gave enlightening discourses on the Bhagavad Gita, including spiritual paths, 'Brahmavidya', the science of attaining supreme truth, a journey on the path of self-realisation, etc. Swamiji also furnished various illustrations, which were add-ons to multiple philosophies on the spiritual path, from Arjuna's dilemma to the stories of Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya.

Swamiji directed devotees to master self-control using mind management techniques to tackle modern-day complexities. Each session in an event was a deep dive into timeless wisdom, which devotees embraced to the fullest potential with enthusiasm.

The response of devotees was overwhelming throughout the event, starting with 2000+ attendees on day one and increasing participation over the following days. The pillars of this grand, successful event were hundreds of volunteers who worked relentlessly for months in the planning and executing of the event, manifested in every corner of the city with Swamiji's event posters—a testament to their diligence.

A few of these volunteers originated from Odisha, and some other places that were also previously active in the planning and executing of the Kolkata event were seamlessly transitioned to the Patna event. For a month, amidst unfamiliar streets and languages, they toiled relentlessly to ensure Swamiji's message reached throughout the city.

The event also featured a morning walk, morning Satsang, personal meetings with Swamiji, book signings, Shree Radha Krishna aarti, soulful kirtans, and Swamiji's divine pravachan. The atmosphere was fully charged with spiritual fervour, leaving attendees inspired and uplifted.
On a splendid morning, many enthusiasts joined Swamiji for a morning walk. During the morning walk, Swamiji graciously invited the volunteers to share their journey, encapsulating the sweet and bitter moments. Despite battling harsh weather and cultural unfamiliarity, their bravery and resilience shone through. Swamiji's acknowledgement of their efforts was humbling and uplifting as they jogged alongside him and participated in Hari Nam Sankirtan.

The event's highlight was the last day, 14th February, coinciding with the occasion of Basant Panchami and Gopi Prem Diwas. A special Satsang was organised in the morning, which devotees cherished with soulful kirtans, enlightening pravachan and Swamiji's guided meditation, divine aarti and Holi celebration with flowers. The meditation was focused on Shree Ram Sita Leela in Janak-Vatika in Janakpur. Since the Basant Panchami marks the start of Holi preparation, Satsang ended with a Holi celebration, which added a colourful and joyful dimension to the event and symbolised the spirit of love, unity and festivity.

After a successful grand event, on the 6th day, 15th February 2024, in the morning, Swamiji inaugurated the JKYog Patna Satsang Center. This signifies an important spiritual milestone for devotees in Patna, Bihar, and it will be a new beginning for their communal spiritual upliftment. During Satsang, Swamiji graced devotees with a special kirtan, "Mohan Teri Charano Ki," instilling the essence of selfless love and service to God. The devotees were overjoyed and energised and felt graced with Swamiji's presence and teachings over these six days.