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Finding Inspiration for an Extraordinary Life

May 2nd, 2024 | 3 Min Read
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We begin our quest for inspiration like a sailor setting sail on a vast ocean of possibilities. A spark ignites within us, a whisper hinting at our potential and purpose. Every experience in life, woven into the tapestry of our being, holds moments of inspiration that propel us forward, uplift our spirits, and ignite our passions. Yet, the daily grind can dim the flame of inspiration. How do we rekindle it into a guiding fire?

The answer lies in opening our senses to the symphony of life around us and embracing the beauty of discovery. Inspiration transcends the ordinary, transforming it into the extraordinary.

Fuelling the Journey with Inspiration

Inspiration connects us to an inexhaustible wellspring of energy within ourselves. This fuel propels us forward, helping us achieve success in both the material and spiritual realms. It intensifies our thoughts and elevates the quality of our efforts. While we can't significantly extend our lifespan, we can broaden and deepen our experiences. As the saying goes, count the moments that take your breath away, not just the breaths you take.

Motivation: The Spark that Ignites Action

Even the most noble pursuits can feel dull without inspiration. But with it, even routine tasks are done with devotion and dedication. Inspiration sparks motivation, the driving force behind action. It's the passion we bring to everything we do, fueling self-improvement and making us stand out.

Let's explore this concept with a story. Sunny, the 21st applicant, faced long odds in a bustling job market. Unlike the others, he wasn't ready to give up. As the wait dragged on, Sunny noticed the anxious faces around him. But he had a secret weapon: a note clutched in his hand. He approached the receptionist, her eyes reflecting years of witnessing dreams and disappointments. Sunny pleaded with her to deliver the note to the manager urgently. The receptionist hesitated, then, sensing his determination, passed it on.

The manager unfolded the note, intrigued. The simple words held immense ambition: "Sir, I'm the 21st candidate. Decide nothing until you see me." The manager's stern expression softened into a smile. Sunny's audacity had broken through the routine. He wasn't just another applicant but a comet streaking across the sky of conformity. When Sunny entered the interview room, the manager saw the boy who had dared disrupt the order. The interview flowed, but the note lingered, a silent testament to hope. Sunny's enthusiasm filled the room with a vibrant energy unseen before.

The manager chose Sunny not just for his qualifications but for the spark he ignited. The 21st became the 1st, and the note became a legend. Sunny's story echoed through offices, a reminder of the importance of enthusiasm.

The Mindset of Inspiration

Enthusiasm is crucial because it connects us to a vast reservoir of energy within. Those who manage their thoughts cultivate positive emotions. They fill themselves with inspiration and focus their faculties on the task at hand, rising above the rest. What is this mindset? The mindset of inspiration. The difference between success and failure is often about continuing after setbacks. Successful people have also failed, but they kept going and eventually succeeded. The uninspired give up after a few failures.

Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the great Indian saint from the 19th century, had a unique way of explaining the significance of inspiration. He would narrate the story of how farmers in India back then used to select the best bulls for their work. Imagine a bustling cattle fair with hundreds of bulls snorting and pawing the ground. How would a farmer choose the best one? It required intelligence and experience, both. The trick was to judge a bull's energy by kicking it on its tail. And here's the interesting part - if the bull got up, it was considered energetic and fit for work. But, if it did nothing, it was labelled lazy and useless. Why? Because a bull that doesn't get inspired to get up even after getting a kick on its tail will never get up to work. This analogy may seem funny, but it highlights the essence of motivation and inspiration in our lives.

When inspired, the biggest challenges seem small. But without inspiration, even minor difficulties feel insurmountable. So, find inspiration! It will light your path and guide you on your extraordinary journey.