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Bal Mukund Classes by JKYog India

Oct 2nd, 2020 | 1 Min Read
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There is an air of freshness and relaxation amid school worries. There are many fun and heart-touching discussions in an atmosphere of love, nurture and discipline. Children from different cities have gathered for a celebration of values and to gather the meaning of life. Oh! But where is this celebration going on? We are talking about the online Bal-Mukund classes held by JKYog India under the inspiration, teachings and guiding light of world-renowned spiritual teacher Swami Mukundananda ji. This visionary conceptualised the Bal Mukund curriculum.

In the online Bal-Mukund classes, children are exposed to our culture, the importance of bhakti, and the need for real education and are encouraged to opine and learn on various discussion topics. The children greatly enjoy the shloka recitation and also delve into the meaning and understanding of the recited shloka. The wisdom of the stories is poured into the little minds for preponderance and application. The result of many activities planned for children take a deep root in their minds and act as reference manuals helping them in conscientiously living. The children experience complete relaxation through the meditation conducted in the class. And start acknowledging how easy it is to seek Krishna in the heart.  The enchanting bhajans bring them close to Krishna, and children treat their dear lord as their best friend. And yes, the Bal Mukunds of the class wonder in awe. They eagerly look forward to the Bal Mukund classes, where each child is confident to conduct his life wisely in all life situations and express love to God in an atmosphere of freedom and moderation.

The children of Bal Mukund produce authentic write-ups and artworks as unique as each of them is!

Here are some glorious works created by the Bal Mukund children for your heart’s delight