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14-Day Yoga Challenge

Date: 14 - 27 June 2024
Time: 6 AM - 7:15 AM IST (Daily)

Join us for the 14-Day Yoga Challenge for unique blend of perfect physical health and spiritual wealth! JKYog warmly invites you and your family to celebrate International Yoga Day by embarking on the exciting 14-Day Yoga Challenge.

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What is Included?
You've always wanted to include yoga in your lifestyle, but starting alone is tough. Our 14-Day Yoga Challenge offers live online sessions with asanas, pranayama, meditation, and health tips. Perfect for beginners or those looking to deepen their practice, this is your chance to bring lasting change to your life. Join us and make it happen!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Daily Live Session
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Yogic Practices
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Holistic Knowledge
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Daily Challenge
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Naturopathy Consultation
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Join Community
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Unleash Your Potential: Master 14 Powerful Mindsets & Harness 7 Life-Transforming Habits & Conquer 14 Key challenges for life-changing results!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Gut Intelligence Unleashed: Learn to Listen to Your Body and Fuel It with the Perfect Diet for Ultimate Happiness and Wellness!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Transform Your Energy Levels: Say Farewell to Drained Days and Embrace a Life Bursting with Energy and Excitement!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Sleep Soundly Every Night: The ultimate guide to baby-like Zzz's and Wake Up Refreshed Like Never Before!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Resilience Revolution: Equip Yourself with The Tools to Overcome Adversity and Emerge Stronger Than Ever Before, Equipped to Thrive in Any Situation!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Choose Your Happiness: Master the Art of Belief Selection to Experience Endless Happiness and Fulfillment Every Day, Starting Today and Live the Life You Always Wished.
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Achieve Peak Performance: Unlock Mastery to Amplify Clarity, Optimize Decisions, and Maximize Work Efficiency, Elevating You to New Levels of Excellence!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Harmony in Relationship: Say Goodbye to Strained Relationships and Find Harmonious Connection Through Clear Communication and Healthy Boundaries!
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Discover Your True SELF: Unravel the Mystery of "Who Am I?" with modern psychology and Ancient Vedic Wisdom, igniting Your Path to Self-Discovery!
Class Moderators
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Sukti Adhikari
Certified Yoga Teacher
Online Class Moderator
JKYog Team Member
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Ganesh Rapolu
Certified Yoga Instructor - Online and Offline
Mechanical Engineer by profession.
Yoga Practitioner since 8+ years
Tirupati Sadhana Shivir
Vikas Kasodaria
Yoga Practitioner & Health Expert
Holistic Health Enthusiast
JKYog Team Member
Road Map
Session Timetable Total Hours: 14 Hrs
Get Ready For Your Health Score
Keep Your Body Light & Clean
Eat Living and Wholesome Food
Exercise and Sleep Management
Mind-Body Connection
The Theories of Mind
The Power of Habits
Steps to Empower Intellect
Stress Management
Limitations of Self-Effort
Living Purposefully - 3 Lessons
Karm Yog in Professional Life
Karm Yog in Relationships
Is this challenge open to beginners?
Absolutely! This program welcomes participants of all skill levels. Together, we'll explore and practice Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. It's designed to accommodate people of all ages and experiences.
Will the session be LIVE or pre-recorded?
Yoga and Knowledge sessions will be live. For a smooth experience, the guided meditation will be recorded.
What if I miss any session?
Although participating in the early morning sessions with the community is recommended, you can practice at any other time throughout the day by clicking on the replay links. The replay links will be shared with the participants.
Is it safe to practice Yoga during pregnancy?
Yoga can be highly beneficial for pregnant women, but the poses must be tailored to each trimester. Since this workshop is conducted online, we cannot offer personalized guidance for pregnant participants. Consequently, expectant mothers should refrain from joining this program.
Is it okay to practice yoga during my period?
Yes, there's no issue at all. Each class includes modifications to ensure you can adjust the poses to your comfort level. If you're feeling discomfort or pain, you can opt out of the physical asanas and just join in for the relaxation segments.
I have knee and back pain. Is yoga suitable for me?
Absolutely, we recommend joining the sessions to help alleviate your pain. Modifications for each posture will be provided, allowing you to practice within your comfort zone. You'll notice significant improvements in your flexibility and pain levels over time. We suggest doubling up your mat. Keep two cushions and well-cushioned shoes handy during practice for additional support.
How to join the sessions?
After your registration, you will get the details to join "14-Day Yoga for Body Mind, and Soul" on your WhatsApp or email.
On which platform will this course be conducted?
It will be broadcasted through zoom interactive sessions.

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